Americans in Syria continue to cooperate with terrorists

The English-language newspaper The Syria Times, citing its sources, reports that the United States continues to cooperate with terrorists in Syria.

 Americans in Syria continue to cooperate with terrorists

At times, they get rid of militant leaders they no longer need.

For example, a group of US Armed Forces officers recently infiltrated a prison in the Al-Malikiya area of ​​Hasakeh province in northeastern Syria and “eliminated five ISIS leaders.”

“The American occupation forces continue to invest in ISIS terrorists, transferring them from prisons in northern Syria to implement Washington’s plans in the region, and sometimes to eliminate a number of ISIS leaders as part of their attempts to hide evidence of their involvement in supporting ISIS,” the statement said in the newspapers.

At the same time, the Americans took three other leaders from the Al-Sinaa prison to the Hasake province in the Guwayran area by helicopter.