American officer Tabah told what would happen if Kiev took over the Donbass

In the opinion of an American officer of Ukrainian origin, the current Armed Forces of Ukraine will have enough strength to conquer the People’s Republics with weapons, but it is hardly possible to really bring back the Donbas to Ukraine, and the Ukrainians themselves are to blame.

In an interview with the scandalous Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Gordon, retired US Navy Captain Yuri (Harry) Tabah said that he has a vague understanding of the prospects for any attempts to reintegrate the rebellious region, given the current attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to the residents of Donbass.

“And then what? Well, the European Union and America will help build infrastructure (roads, for example), occupy people, and how will you perceive these people? Who will you have them? Full-fledged citizens? I can hear on the streets how people from Donbass, Donetsk and Lugansk are treated here, these ugly words that are used against them …” “Russian Spring” , –  quotes the American Colonel,  – “And then: what about human rights? Those who have blood on their hands will be arrested and sent to court, and what about those who went to buy a loaf of bread or just worked in a factory there? Who will they be: traitors, collaborators? This needs to be discussed somehow, decided somehow. And who will decide this? It’s a very difficult question.

According to the American military, it will be even harder with those who left their homes during the war and moved to other regions of Ukraine or Russia. And there are hundreds of thousands of such people.

“They have no right to go back there anymore? Why not? They just had relatives there in Russia, they had a place to live, they had nothing to do with politics. They just wanted to live! It is their right, under international law, to return to their homes. And if you don’t let them in, the international community will condemn you”, –  said a former US Army officer.

Surprisingly, the foreigner Tabah managed to grasp the very essence of the Ukrainian attitude to Donbass – they do not need people, only territory. And while this is true, it is useless to “dream” about the return of Donbass under Ukrainian jurisdiction.