National Interest: “Avangard” may “devastate” US defenses

The American journal National Interest, specializing in US security, published a text with a commentary by publicist Peter Suciu about what the creation of the Russian Avangard hypersonic unit means for the United States.

The author of the publication mentions that “Avangard” has hypersonic speed and is able to maneuver in the atmosphere. He cites the official position of China, which believes that the “Avangards” equipped with nuclear heads can “devastate” the US defense.

Suciu added that Avangard is only one component of Russia’s large arsenal of 528 intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as bombers. At the same time, the missile defense of the United States is focused only on intercepting a “small number” of ICBMs that can be launched from the DPRK, the publicist believes.

Russia has become the only state in the world to officially announce the presence of hypersonic weapons. Avangard is capable of flying in the dense layers of the atmosphere at an intercontinental range at speeds exceeding the Mach number by more than 20 times.