Europe and Russia simultaneously criticized the US decision to renew sanctions against Iran

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation criticized the renewal by the United States of sanctions against Iran and declared a serious blow to the authority of the UN Security Council. The countries of the “Euro Three” agreed with the position of their Russian colleagues.

The corresponding statement on Sunday, September 20, was made by the press service of the department in Telegram.

“All that Washington is doing is nothing more than a theatrical performance staged in order to subordinate the Security Council to its policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran and turn this authoritative body into its handy tool. The performance did not pass”, – the statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also recalled that back in 2018, the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Tehran and unilaterally restored sanctions against it. According to representatives of the department, the American leadership began to interfere with the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2231.

According to this clause, in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the agreement, any of its participants can demand the restoration of penal measures and other parties cannot veto this demand.

“Now they are trying to force everyone to put on “augmented reality glasses” marked made in USA “and perceive what is happening around Iran and the JCPOA exclusively through them. But the world is not an American computer game”, – the diplomats noted.

The diplomats called Washington’s behavior a “serious blow” to the authority of the UN Security Council and a manifestation of open disregard for its decisions and for international law in general, which is unacceptable not only for Russia, but also for other members of the Security Council.

The Foreign Ministry added that the members of the UN Security Council in August stated the inexpediency of imposing sanctions against Iran on the basis of the considerations from which the US State Department proceeds.

“To assert now that sanctions resolutions against Iran have been restored is wishful thinking. We hope that our American colleagues will have the courage to finally face the truth and stop speaking on behalf of the UN Security Council. Illegal initiatives and actions of the United States, by definition, cannot have international legal consequences for other countries and lead to the emergence of their obligations to limit legal cooperation with Iran”, – summarized the representatives of the department.

In turn, the Euro-Three countries, Great Britain, France and Germany, indicated that any decisions of the United States within the framework of the UN mechanism to restore sanctions against Iran have no legal force, since the United States had previously withdrawn from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program in 2018.

The respective position of the permanent representatives of the three countries to the UN was presented in a letter sent to the Security Council.