Europe agrees with Russia that the US cannot put pressure on Iran with sanctions

Suddenly, Russia and Europe have taken a common position on US sanctions against Iran.

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized Washington for the resumption of measures, the countries of the “Euro Three” agreed to the Russian side. The US sanctions deal a serious blow to the credibility of the UN Security Council.

“Everything that Washington is doing is nothing more than a theatrical performance staged in order to subordinate the Security Council to its policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran and turn this authoritative body into its handy tool. The number did not work”, – Russian diplomats wrote in Telegram.

Germany, France and the United Kingdom stressed that any US decisions under the UN mechanism to restore sanctions against Iran have no legal force, since the United States previously withdrew from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program in 2018.

Permanent representatives of these countries to the UN sent letters to the Security Council of the organization.