The State Duma explained to Trump that there is no need for Russia to steal American hypersound technology

Trump’s accusations have no real basis.

According to FAN, commenting on the statement of US President Donald Trump about the alleged theft of American developments by Russia, Alexander Sherin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, said that Russia does not need American technologies to develop its own rocketry.

Earlier, Trump accused Russia of allegedly stealing information on hypersound technology from the Obama administration.

“After such an accusation, it is necessary to present some irrefutable evidence. And if the United States signs that such secret technologies can be stolen from them, then, apparently, either they are already working disgustingly, or our intelligence officers are working too well. If this is the case at all, we, as a country that is a leading space power, a leader in the world of rocketry and rocket engines, as a country that built the first nuclear power plant, we can move forward in these technologies without the Americans in their developments”.