Ukraine has calculated the time for the return of Donbass

Kiev hopes that they will be able to painlessly “reintegrate” the People’s Republics after 25 years after the generation of those who survived the aggression of the Ukrainian punishers will change there.

Ukraine has calculated the time for the return of Donbass

According to “PolitNavigator”, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister for “Temporarily Occupied Territories” (probably the most senseless post in the Cabinet) Alexei Reznikov said that the process of “returning” the Donbass republics to Ukraine will take at least a quarter centuries after the war is over.

The official is sure that as long as those who remember the atrocities of the Bandera heirs live, it will not be possible to return Donbass “safely”.

“Why do I say that reintegration will take 25 years. I say because it is true. The reintegration of territories that are now temporarily occupied will not take place immediately after the end of the war. The end of the war and reintegration will not coincide in time, because we are talking about safe reintegration – one that will not fracture the country and create new risks. Safe reintegration will last at least one generation, let’s be honest. This is evidenced by world experience, ” Reznikov said.

Fantasizing about the mythical possibility of the notorious ‘reintegration’, Reznikov does not take into account that in 25 years in the DPR and LPR a generation of those who have nothing to do with Ukraine will grow up, who will receive Russian citizenship, and will feel like a part of the Russian world, and in this situation “ return “of Donbass to Ukraine from just ghostly, turns into guaranteed impossible.