Trump will not be performing in person in the UN General Assembly Hall

119 national leaders and 54 government leaders are expected to speak during the High Level Week.


US President Donald Trump will not be speaking in person at the UN General Assembly Hall during its September session. The White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, told reporters in the Presidential Pool on Thursday.


“He [Meadows] told us that the President will not be attending the UN General Assembly in person”, –  the report said.

Earlier, Trump himself did not rule out this possibility. As reported on Thursday by the official representative of the Chairman of the General Assembly, Branden Varma, during the high-level week, which will be held mainly in the format of video messages from 22 to 29 September, 119 leaders of states and 54 heads of government are expected to speak.

So far, in addition to Trump, the Secretary-General of the organisation António Guterres has also announced a possible personal presence at the UN. A video message by Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of the UN General Assembly is scheduled for 22 September.