Trump complained that he lost all friends after he was elected President of the USA

Trump shared that, as president, he lost the opportunity to “sit down and have a drink” with friends.

US President Donald Trump complained that he lost all his old friends as a result of his election to the top government position. He said this at an election rally in Wisconsin on Thursday.

“I lost all my friends because of my position. I had friends [who addressed me]: “Hey, Don, let’s go to dinner. “Okay, good, Richard, I’m coming,” Trump shared his memories. – “Hey, Don, let’s go <…>”. “Yes, Larry, see you later,” and we were going to a restaurant in New York.

“Everyone was relaxed, we could have a wonderful chat. You do not need to know what we talked about – it is none of your business. But we were relaxed,” the White House head appealed to voters. He stressed that when he became president, he lost the opportunity to “sit and have a drink” with friends, but immediately said that he did not drink.

“Now they are calling me with the words: “Mr President, would you mind getting together sometime? I tell them: ‘Relax, we’ve known each other for 30 years, call me Donald'”, –  Trump said, noting that this behaviour is explained by ‘respect for the position’.

The next general elections in the US will be held on 3 November. It will elect the President and Vice-President, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and one third of the United States Senate, and governors of 13 states and territories. Democrat Joseph Biden will compete with Republican Trump. Trump and Biden’s partners in the campaign race, i.e. the candidates for the US Vice-President, are Michael Pence and Kamala Harris.