Trump acknowledged that he followed the example of Russia and China in creating the Space Force

US space forces were officially established on 20 December 2019.

US President Donald Trump decided to create the US Space Force, following the example of Russia and China. He said this at an election rally in Wisconsin on Thursday.

“I never talked about this during the election campaign, I never even thought about it. When I became president, I said we had to do it because I saw what Russia was doing and what China was doing. And they created their space forces. And I said: So what are we going to do? We are not going to have them”, – the American leader admitted.

The US Space Force was officially established on 20 December 2019. It was the sixth form of the US military and the first one created after the formation of its modern structure in 1947. The Washington administration has repeatedly stated that the US should consider space as a potential theatre of war. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, such a US position requires increased attention to strengthening the national orbital constellation of satellites and the space rocket industry as a whole. The Head of State stressed that Russia has been and is opposed to the militarisation of space.


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