The Montenegrin opposition is ready to end the church schism

The scandalous law that almost provoked the civil war in Montenegro will be repealed when the opposition forms a coalition government.

Last year Montenegro was swept by a wave of protests against the scandalous law “On Freedom of Religion”. Its democratic name conceals the authorities’ attempt to legitimise the unrecognised Montenegrin Orthodox Church, which is active in the country.

The law provides for the forced nationalisation of a large part of the property of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Seaside of the Serbian Orthodox Church, to which the vast majority of Orthodox believers in this country belong.


The government is trying to requisition temples, monasteries and other shrines in favour of dissenters. The expert community recognises that a scandalous law leads to serious violations of the rights of the canonical Orthodox Church.

The pandemic has helped the government in its attempts to stem the growing popular outrage. It has become a logical pretext for banning mass actions. However, the public sentiment became apparent in the recent parliamentary elections. Following the vote, opposition parties formed a coalition and now intend to form a government.

The leader of the movement “For the Future of Montenegro”, Zdravko Krivokapic, assured that a legislative reform was coming. In particular, the discriminatory Law on Freedom of Religion will be abolished.

“In the end, it was this discriminatory law that motivated people to fight and ignited the flame of truth, which led to the victory in the elections on August 30,” said Krivokapic.