The EU told why they consider Nord Stream 2 a problem

The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which is supposed to provide Europe with gas at a favorable price, was once again called by the head of the European Commission politicized. In addition, she voiced another reason, which, in her opinion, should serve as an excuse to sabotage the project.

The EU told why they consider Nord Stream 2 a problem

Ursula von der Leyen, who previously served as German defense minister in the government of Angela Merkel, argues that the launch of Nord Stream 2 will exacerbate EU relations with Russia.

“The hope for the development of our relations with the construction of this gas pipeline is diminishing. Russia will not change its approach in connection with this infrastructure ”, – says the President of the European Commission.

According to her, the issue of continuing the construction of the gas pipeline should be considered in a broader sense from the point of view of Russian-European cooperation. She noted that Nord Stream 2 in Europe has long been viewed as a “purely economic” project, implying the position of Berlin. Now, according to the head of the European Commission, the perception has changed.

“I am sure that this project is as politicized as possible, and the way Russia behaves has not improved. Rather, her behavior tends to deteriorate, ”said Ursula von der Leyen.

As previously reported by News Front, the United States remains an ardent opponent of the construction of Nord Stream 2. This is due to the fact that Russian gas supplied through the pipe is much cheaper than American liquefied natural gas. The launch of Nord Stream 2 will cause serious damage to American energy companies, in connection with which Washington has repeatedly tried to block the construction of the Russian gas pipeline using sanctions pressure.

Lobbyists of American interests also exist in European political circles. They stepped up after the incident with Alexei Navalny. When Berlin decided to blame the Russian government for poisoning an opposition figure without evidence, opponents of Nord Stream 2 began to demand that the construction of the pipeline be stopped as a punitive measure.

At the same time, they persistently ignore the fact that the abandonment of the Russian gas pipeline will entail additional costs of 4 billion euros per year for European consumers. Against this backdrop, Germany even offered the United States a deal that could end the confrontation and allow Nord Stream 2 to be launched. Germany is ready to finance the construction of two terminals for receiving American LNG in Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmhaven. We are talking about a project worth approximately one billion euros.