Rise COVID-19 in UK infections ‘a real concern’

A leading epidemiologist says the rising number of infections in the UK is a “real concern”.

Rise COVID-19 in UK infections 'a real concern'

Dame Anne Johnson, of University College London, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that while a rise had been anticipated, it was happening at a “rather faster rate” than hoped.

Data shows people are having a larger number of contacts than expected.

The main concern is the “speed of the rate of increase” and the need to suppress that before it hits “more vulnerable communities”, she said.

There are “clearly problems” with testing, she added, even though we are able to test more than during the peak earlier this year.

“We must have a robust testing programme, but testing in its own right… does not prevent infection,” she said, stressing the need to reduce the number of close contacts, maintain social distancing and strictly practise hygiene measures like hand washing.