British expert: It is good for the Crimea to be Russian, but Ukraine will not understand this

Exclusive interview with  have Dean O’Brien, a freelance photographer who has been traveling to Ukraine for about 10 years, he visited the DPR in 2019 and saw with his own eyes what the Ukrainian government is doing with its own people,  he shared this on the air.

When  he previously visited Ukraine he travelled to Mariupol. Odessa, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. He did not visit any military personnel, just spoke to normal people on the streets who told him that he should go to ‘the other side’. To see what the Ukrainian government are doing to their relatives.

He saw the destruction that happened at the Police Station in Mariupol and visited the Trade Unions House in Odessa.

Western media refuse to write about such things so he has decided to do this himself.