Biden said that Russia is an enemy for the US

The presidential candidate also reiterated his statement that Moscow does not want him to become president.

Joseph Biden, a US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, expressed the view that Russia is an opponent to the US. Biden made a statement to that effect at an event hosted by CNN in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

“Do you think that Russia is the enemy? – asked Biden the host. I think that Russia is the enemy. I really think so”, – said the Democrat candidate for the US presidency.

Biden was also asked a question about Russia’s interference with the American electoral process and its reaction to the relevant allegations. In response, the former US Vice-President assured that ‘payback will follow’ if such attempts are proven.

“I don’t mean war, but they will pay the price, it will be an economic price”, –  said Biden.

The presenter asked him to clarify what kind of ‘economic price’ he meant. “It would be reckless of me to talk about this in more detail. But I assure you that they will pay the price,” concluded the Democrat. Biden also reiterated the claim that Moscow does not want him to become president.


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