Belarus closes border with Lithuania and Poland

Belarus is forced to close the state border with Lithuania, Poland, and also to strengthen the border with Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Belarusian state Alexander Lukashenko, speaking at the women’s forum “For Belarus”.

Belarus closes border with Lithuania and Poland

He appealed to the peoples of these three countries with an appeal to stop their politicians and prevent the unleashing of a “hot war”.

“We are forced to withdraw troops from the streets, as I have already said, to put half of the army under arms and close the state border from the West, primarily with Lithuania and Poland. We are forced to strengthen the state border, to our greatest regret, with our fraternal Ukraine. In recent days, I have been forced, together with the President of Russia and the Minister of Defense, to build up the general defense of the Union State. And we have intensified the long-planned military exercises that are taking place today in the west of our country – “Slavic Brotherhood – 2020”. We also made a decision to hold these exercises in connection with the acute situation in two stages, ”Lukashenka said.

He added that he would not like to see a war in his country.

“Moreover, I don’t want Belarus and Poland, Lithuania to turn into a theater of military operations, where not our issues will be resolved. Therefore, today, in front of this hall of the most beautiful, advanced patriotic people, I want to appeal to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine – stop your crazy politicians, do not let the war break out, ” he said.

The head of state addressed the women in the hall.

“You will return home. Tell at home, in every village, in the city, big and small, tell people what is really going on. Today the issue of Belarus, Russia and, perhaps, all of Europe, not only Eastern Europe, is being resolved here. You cannot lead to a hot war, ” said the president.