The American Conservative explains why the West should not “rock the boat” in Belarus

American and European officials should think carefully before making open calls for the overthrow of the Belarusian government.

The American Conservative explains why the West should not "rock the boat" in Belarus

This is stated in the material of the publication “The American Conservative”.

As noted in the media, if at the dawn of the Belarusian crisis Western politicians were cautious about what was happening, now the situation has changed. They did not have enough wisdom not to interfere in another adventure. The voice of reason was drowned out by the cries of supporters of the overthrow of objectionable governments. The problem is that the United States, together with Europe, risk getting bogged down in the internal political confrontation of Belarus, while being one step closer to direct confrontation with Russia.

The publication urges Western leaders to realistically assess Moscow’s readiness to defend its interests in Belarus. At the very beginning of the crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear that he would not allow a revolutionary scenario in a neighboring country. Moreover, he openly expressed support for Alexander Lukashenko and even promised to send troops to Belarus if the situation there gets out of control.

Meanwhile, campaigns to support the Belarusian opposition are gaining popularity in Western countries. Statesmen should not be led by this trend. It is very easy to cross the line that is holding back Moscow from transferring its army to Belarus. The publication is confident that Putin will do this if he sees attempts to repeat the Ukrainian scenario in the republic. Moreover, attempts to exert pressure can force the Kremlin to annex Belarus to Russia, and it is quite legal and justified. Back in 1999, the countries signed the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State, recalls the American Conservative.

If the deal is implemented, the escalation of tensions between Russia and the West will reach a whole new level. This will hardly be beneficial to Western political elites.