Pentagon: dialogue between Russia and the US on nuclear weapons is productive

As General John Heithenu, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, noted, the parties have a chance to come to an agreement.

Discussions between Russia and the USA on nuclear arms control and the prospects for further reduction are going on productively and the parties have a chance to come to an agreement. General John Heithen, Deputy Chairman of the U.S. Committee of Chiefs of Staff, made this statement on Thursday.

“Over the past couple of months, Special Representative [U.S. President for Arms Control Marshall] Billingsley… …has had what I believe is the beginning of productive discussions with the Russians. And I want to achieve an extension of the New START treaty. It expires in February [next year]. We must achieve this”, –  said the American commander.

“But more importantly, what we need to understand is that the New START will expire in 2026, even if it is extended <…>. There must be something to replace it. I would like this process to begin now. And I believe that we have the opportunity to achieve this. But it will be difficult”, –  stressed Heithen.


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