Minneapolis asks the police to return

During the pogroms the number of violent crimes in Minneapolis has increased by 55%. The epicentre of American unrest has been under siege by anti-fascist fighters for over a month. They burned down the police station there and destroyed most of the facilities in the city centre.

The Minneapolis Council of Deputies voted to abolish the police back in June. Most of the seats there are occupied by members of the “Workers’ and Peasants’ Democrats of Minnesota” – left-wing Trotskyites.

The logical result of the declared war to the law enforcement agencies was that the police stopped travelling on most of the challenges, avoiding another accusation of “racism”. And more than 100 city police officers have resigned altogether.

Against the backdrop of a rise in crime, city residents began to wonder: “Where the police are?” Deputies suddenly realised that voters would soon ask them to leave and began to demand that the police resume their work in full, albeit with cutbacks in budgets.

Minneapolis’ favourite “people’s voters” have long since hired private security for 5,000 dollars a day. But they are afraid to lose these nomenclatorial privileges in the elections, so they got into a rush, immediately forgetting about antipolice rhetoric. The concept changed immediately.

But in Pennsylvania, local law enforcement showed an example of how to fight the “anti-face”. After the riots caused by the murder of 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz with a knife, the police detained 13 rioters. They are offered bail in the amount of a million dollars for each of the arrested men.

“Antifa has long been dazed by impunity. She is used to being released immediately after her arrest, without bail. And here the judges suddenly demanded payment of 13 million dollars for release of “revolutionaries”. The money conquered the evil – and the pogroms instantly went away.