China made a statement to the US because of the Deputy Head of State’s trip to Taiwan

The Foreign Ministry believes that such actions will damage bilateral relations between China and the USA and peace and stability in the region.

China is strongly opposed to any form of official contact between the US and Taiwan and has already made a strict statement to the US about the US Deputy Chief of State Keith Krach’s trip to Taiwan. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at a regular briefing on Thursday.


“China is firmly against any form of official contact between Taiwan and the US. Our position is consistent and clear, but the US insisted on Deputy State Department Chief Keith Krach’s trip to Taiwan”, –  the diplomat said. According to him, “this is a violation of the principle of ‘one China’ and three joint communiqués,” such actions “will damage bilateral relations [between China and the United States] as well as peace and stability in the region.

“China is firmly against this and has already made a strict representation to the American side”, –  continued Wang Wenbin. As he pointed out, China “calls on the US to immediately stop any official exchanges with Taiwan. In the light of this situation, China will take appropriate measures”, –  he said.

Deputy Head of the US Department of State Kate Krach will arrive in Taiwan on Thursday for a three-day visit. He will be the most senior State Department official to visit the island since 1979, when Washington cut off diplomatic ties with Taipei and established them with Beijing. The American politician is expected to meet with the Chief of Staff of Cai Inwen Island and attend a memorial ceremony on 19 September to commemorate former Taiwanese Chief of Staff Li Denhue, who died on 30 July at the age of 97.