China has stated that its relationship with the Russian Federation has become particularly important in an era of global change

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the friendship of the two countries indestructible.

The relationship between China and Russia is taking on special significance in this era of global turbulence and change. As Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Member of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency on Thursday, the two countries are important stabilizing forces on the global political scene.

“The international community is currently undergoing a historic test of multilateralism and unilateralism, cooperation and confrontation. Some countries are unilaterally harassing others, arbitrarily interfering in the internal affairs of states, trying to restrain and exert pressure on China and Russia, as well as harming the stability and security of their surrounding regions”, –  he said.

“The cohesion of China and Russia is like a rock, our friendship is indestructible, and strategic cooperation between the two countries is not affected by the external environment. In times of global turbulence and change, reliable Sino-Russian relations are even more important in maintaining regional and global peace and security,” he said.

“China and Russia have become important stabilising forces in the modern international arena. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the world’s evolutionary development. In this new situation, both China and Russia are deeply reflecting on how to support, consolidate and develop Russian-Chinese relations. This is not only about development, the revival of the two countries and the well-being of peoples, it is also of global importance”, –  he said.

According to Wang Yi, during the talks held in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, an agreement was reached on cooperation between China and Russia in four areas: combating the epidemic, developing a model of peaceful coexistence between the two powers, strengthening interaction between the high-tech sphere, and defending international justice.