Ukrainian nationalists create analogue of Mirotvorets in Telegram

Ukrainian nationalists in their Telegram channels publish the accounts of anti-violence activists, calling for reprisals against them. The public “Aviary”, which is supervised by an associate of the head of the “Brotherhood” group, Dmitry Korchinsky, has more than 1,500 subscribers.

So, in the community, they publish photos and links to accounts on social networks of left-wing activists, artists, journalists and politicians. In their posts, they publish personal information, sometimes addresses and other data of people who, in their opinion, are acting “not in the interests of Ukraine” and urge “to pay attention to them”. In its message, the channel resembles the Myrotvorets base for a narrower circle of militants.

“We want to drive all the leftists into a kind of enclosure – a public base, so that we could limit their destructive and harmful activities for Ukraine”, – the founder of the public frankly calls for violence.