Donetsk tells what scenario Kiev is promoting in the Donbass direction

The actions of the Ukrainian occupation forces clearly demonstrate the fact that the Kiev leadership is not disposed to end the punitive operation.

This statement was made by the speaker of the People’s Council of the DPR Volodymyr Bidevka, commenting on the situation near the settlement of Shuma on the demarcation line, where Kiev militants, in violation of the terms of the armistice, are strengthening their positions.

“This can only mean that Ukraine is not considering the option of a peaceful settlement of the conflict, but continues to adhere to a force-based scenario. This position of Kiev is absolutely unacceptable”, – the parliamentarian said.

He called on the Ukrainian leadership “to immediately stop sabotaging the achievement of agreements”. Bidevka stressed that “the trends that the Ukrainian side is demonstrating today are futile and certainly do not lead to peace”.

As previously reported by News Front, the Ukrainian occupation troops, in violation of the terms of the armistice, strengthened their positions near the village of Shumy. The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin warned that the republic’s military personnel would independently destroy the fortifications of the punitive forces. The operation was supposed to begin on Monday, but then it was postponed, which allowed the situation to be resolved through the negotiations of the Trilateral Contact Group.

Last week, the press service of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the parties to the conflict agreed to joint patrols of the demarcation line under the control of observers from the OSCE mission. The information was also confirmed in the administration of Volodymyr Zelensky, but then Kiev disrupted the inspection.