Trump regretted that Mueller’s investigation had prevented him from building a relationship with Russia

Journalist Bob Woodward cited the words of the US President in his book on Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump regretted that an investigation into the Russian-accredited interference with the American electoral process in 2016 prevented him from building a relationship with Moscow and doing “great things together”. This is stated in a new book by Bob Woodward, a journalist and editorial board member of The Washington Post, based on 18 exclusive interviews with the American leader. Dedicated to the US President, the book, entitled Rage, went on sale on Tuesday and is available to TASS.

“We could have done such great things with Russia, but this phony investigation into Russia, which now turns out to have been started by deception, selfishly and illegally, prevented us from doing so”, –  the journalist quotes the American president as saying.

Trump also claimed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin told him about it himself during one of the meetings.

“And he knows this, too. Putin told me at the meeting that he is very sorry, because he knows that it is very difficult for me to make an agreement with them. And I told him he was right”, –  said the American leader in an interview with Woodward.

The U.S. Special Services are incriminating Russia with interference in the American electoral process in 2016. US special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been investigating these alleged attempts at influence for almost two years. On 18 April 2019, the Ministry of Justice released its final report, in which the Special Prosecutor admitted that he had not revealed any collusion between the Trump and Russia, which had won the election.

The American leader himself has repeatedly rejected suspicions of any undue contacts with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. Moscow also referred to allegations of attempts to influence the US elections as groundless.