The EU will study in which areas it is possible to freeze relations with Belarus

The EU is reviewing relations with Belarus, studying the sectors in which relations should be frozen, said the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell at a plenary session of the European Parliament.


“We are reconsidering our relations with Belarus, we are studying the sectors, contacts in which should be frozen”, –  Borrell said.

The European Union considers the presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9 to be rigged.

Massive opposition protests began across Belarus on August 9, after the presidential elections, which Alexander Lukashenko won for the sixth time – according to the CEC, he gained 80.1% of the vote. In the first days, the actions were suppressed by the security forces; against the protesters who did not agree with the results, they used tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. Then the law enforcement agencies stopped dispersing the rallies and using force and special equipment. According to official data, over 6,700 people were detained in the first days. As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, hundreds of people were injured during the riots, among them over 130 law enforcement officers. The authorities have officially confirmed the deaths of three protesters.