The Belarusian opposition is already asking for a $4 billion loan from the EU

The Belarusian Maidan never succeeded, and the local “revolutionaries” have already followed in the footsteps of their Ukrainian “beggar” colleagues.

As RIA Novosti reports, Pavel Latushko, a member of the Presidium of the so-called Coordinating Council (CC) of Belarus for the Transfer of Power, has stated that the opposition of Belarus intends to borrow up to $4 billion from the European Union if the country changes power.

“We expect (from the EU) in fact an action plan to support the democratisation of Belarus … There should be a package of measures, not these 1.5 billion dollars offered by the eastern country, but real financial assistance to stabilise the economic situation in the range of 3-4 billion”, –  said Latushko.

According to the Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov, the opposition of Belarus, in fact, bills the West for the overthrow of Lukashenko with this statement.

“Otherwise, this cannot be taken for granted. Are the opposition in a hurry to call the “price of the question”? Besides, no one from the West, except for vague hints of political persuasion, promises nothing. If they did, they would. You can’t build an economy on promises and gifts”, –  Pushkov wrote in his tg-channel.