Senator Pushkov: only countries with deep historical roots can resist the American unification of the world

The Russian senator told why the United States considers Russia, China and Iran as its main opponents.

The well-known publicist Alexei Pushkov in his social networks expressed the idea that the deep vector of what is happening in Belarus, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Ukraine and around them is one: it is not about “democracy” and not even a better life, but global unification of the world under American leadership.

“Ultimately, only large cultural and historical formations with a powerful root system and historical traditions of sovereignty, such as Russia, China, and possibly Iran, can resist such unification. It is no coincidence that the United States considers them its main adversaries: after all, both Russia and China are quite successfully resisting such unification, at least at the value, foreign policy and political level”, – Pushkov writes.

According to the expert, in the case of Russia, this causes all the more anger in the United States, since in the 1990s they considered the task of neutralizing Russia as a world player practically solved.

“Small states can resist this process, either by cutting themselves off from the world and propping up their autarky with an atomic bomb, like North Korea, or relying on global and large regional players, like Syria. Now the link between Belarus and Russia is being tested”, – summed up Pushkov.