Russian military arrived in Belarus for joint exercises

Russian servicemen arrived in Belarus to participate in the joint tactical exercises “Slavic Brotherhood-2020”, the press service of the republic’s defense ministry said on Tuesday.

“Subdivisions of the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division of the Russian Airborne Forces arrived at the Brestsky training ground to participate in the planned joint Belarusian-Russian tactical exercise Slavic Brotherhood-2020 to separate guards airborne assault brigade of special operations forces”, – the press service said in a Telegram channel.

It is noted that up to 1,500 servicemen, over 150 units of aviation, combat and special equipment will be involved in practical actions. After the completion of the exercises, Russian servicemen will return to their homeland.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the republic, the exercises are conducted in two stages. According to the press service, the first phase envisages the coordination of units, and the second, active phase, will take place at the Brestsky training ground, in the Brest region and on the section of the Mukhavets river, from September 21 to 23.

It is assumed that during the exercise, the military personnel of the two countries will work out the issues of joint actions in the implementation of tasks to combat terrorism, the organization and conduct of special actions in the implementation of counter-terrorism tasks. According to the Ministry of Defense of the republic, a feature of the exercises will be the performance of combat training tasks at night, including the performance of marches, practical landing, crossing water obstacles and the stage of live firing.

The exercises “Slavic Brotherhood” are Belarusian-Russian-Serbian. However, the Serbian government on Wednesday decided on a six months moratorium on participation in military exercises with the CSTO countries, the PRC, as well as the West. According to Defense Minister Alexander Vulin, the move was prompted by “terrible and undeserved pressure from the EU” and the desire to maintain military neutrality.

The exercises “Slavic Brotherhood” are held alternately on the territory of one of the participating countries. So, in 2019 they were held in Serbia, and in 2018 the venue was Russia.