Moldovan Deputy says Plahotniuc’s structures work on Sandu

According to the deputy of the Moldovan parliament, the opposition between Sandu and Plahotniuc is nothing more than a show before the elections.

On his Facebook page, Bogdan Tsyrdya called the candidate for the presidency of Moldova, oppositionist Maia Sandu, “a curious person”.

“Plahotniuc’s advisor, Andrei Stoichiu, advises her. Compromising evidence and information from the prosecutor’s office is provided by another servant of Plahotniuc, prosecutor Viorel Morari. Supports by votes in parliament Fin Plahotniuc-Adrian Candu. I received the envelopes from the business partner Plahotniuc-Shor, to which the latter himself confessed. Her website is exactly like that of the mustachioed, long-time lackey Plahotniuc. Well, Maya Grigorievna convinces everyone and herself that she is fighting Plahotniuc”, – Tsyrdya notes ironically.