Kamala Harris has publicly admitted that she is Biden’s “heir apparent”

At a recent press conference, the VP candidate bluntly stated, “This will be the Harris administration … but we will use Biden’s help!”

She does not seek to take over the Biden post immediately after the inauguration. It is unlikely that he will agree to immediately resign if he wins the elections. This will look very unethical and could lead to a constitutional crisis.

The idea is that Biden will be gently removed from the government and given all the important leverage to Harris. The president himself will go on a well-deserved vacation to the resorts of Florida, while his vice president is at the helm of power.

The combination of a weak president and an all-powerful vice president is not to say something new for the United States. For example, at the end of his second term, Reagan, due to old age problems, was no longer involved in presidential affairs, then Bush Sr. began to run everything.

However, for Reagan, this came in the 6-7 years of his presidency, and not immediately after the elections, as in the case of Biden. The latter cannot even conduct one interview without a teleprompter. He has to read out the answers to even the softest and most consistent questions from the loyal press.

If the teleprompter has nowhere to put, then Biden simply avoids giving a press conference. As happened last day, when Biden promised to magically end all natural disasters in the world. And then he ran away from the reporters gathered around him.

Trump recently agreed to hold a four-hour debate with Biden on Joe Rogan’s Channel. It is the most popular American podcaster, with more than 15 million monthly listeners.

Rogan is very popular among young people, and the presidential debate on his site will gather a huge audience of those who usually do not watch this. But Biden will never agree to this in his life: he would have survived the usual debates, even with playing along with liberal moderators.