Putin: We view Belarus as our closest ally

At the meeting of the heads of Russia and Belarus in Sochi, the leaders of the two countries made a number of important statements.

Putin: We view Belarus as our closest ally

As the tg-channel writes “Before all. Well, almost”, In today’s conversation with the Belarusian president, Vladimir Putin said that“ Russia remains committed to all our agreements, including those arising from the treaty on the Union State and the CSTO. We regard Belarus as our closest ally, and we will certainly fulfill all the obligations we have undertaken ”.

Alexander Lukashenko, in response, thanked the head of the Russian Federation for his support in the difficult political situation in Belarus.

“You acted very decently, humanly, I thank everyone who supported us in this post-election time. A friend is known in trouble, I say this sincerely, ” Lukashenka said.

One of the first decisions made by the two leaders was an agreement to refinance part of the Belarusian state debt.

“We have agreed that Russia will provide Belarus with a loan of $ 1.5 billion and we will fulfill it,” said Vladimir Putin.

In addition, Russia will provide Belarus with priority assistance in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Belarus will be the first country to receive our vaccine against Covid-19,” the Russian president said.