Poland is trying to persuade the EU to abandon Nord Stream 2 under the cover of Navalny

Poland was not confused and also decided to take part in a performance called “Navalny poisoning”. Thus, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawecki said that the EU and Germany should give up Nord Stream 2.


“The attempt to poison the main opposition activist with a banned chemical two days before the planned debate on EU-Russia relations, which was to take place in Berlin, is a challenge for the entire democratic community. You can’t threaten Russia with your forefinger from afar and then get involved in the Nord Stream 2 project with the Gazprom group”, –  he said.

Naturally, Moravetsky has no proof that Russia is involved. But how not to enter a game in which Moscow is again the main villain? Especially, Nord Stream 2 has long been a bone in the throat of Warsaw, and here is the opportunity to hit the gas pipeline.