Moldovan oppositionists slipped lists of “dead souls” to the Electoral Commission

The Central Election Commission of Moldova, checking the signature lists in support of presidential candidates Andrei Nastase (Platform Dignity and Truth Party) and Renato Usatii (Our Party), revealed the “signatures” of the deceased.

Moldovan oppositionists slipped lists of "dead souls" to the Electoral Commission

According to EADaily, CEC Vice-Chairman Vladimir Sharban said during the meeting that the documents submitted by the opposition include persons who are “a little dead”.

“How did it happen that in the lists the persons are ‘slightly deceased’? You had to talk to real people. Did they die after collecting signatures? Did you stress them? ” – Sharban asked the candidates a question.

Despite the revealed violations, the Central Election Commission considered the inaccuracies in the signatures acceptable, after which it decided to register the competitors.