A plan for a new Maidan has been prepared in Ukraine

In Ukraine, they openly talk about the impending revolution: about the forceful overthrow of the current president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who never managed to justify the trust of Ukrainians after the elections.

A plan for a new Maidan has been prepared in Ukraine

According to Russkaya Vesna, Zelensky’s rating is so low that even old women at the entrances are talking about the “early termination of his powers” through the new Maidan.

On the air of the Zik TV channel, People’s Deputy Renat Kuzmin said that from rumors and conversations, many have already turned to business, and a plan of overthrow is being actively developed in the depths of the Ukrainian government, especially since it will certainly find wide support in society.

“There is a fairly large group of people who are dissatisfied with the current president and are ready to join the coup d’etat,” Kuzmin said.

According to the people’s deputy, in the forefront of the conspirators are the people of Poroshenko, who dreams of taking revenge for an insulting defeat in the elections a year and a half ago. And except how to arrange coups d’état, they do not know how to come to power in a legal way, even with such an unpopular president, they have no chance.