Romanian gas will cost Moldova more than Russian

Doctor of Economics Mikhail Poisic expressed his opinion on the gas price for Moldova, and noted that gas from Romania will cost Moldova more than Russian fuel.

Romanian gas will cost Moldova more than Russian

According to the expert, Romanian can be cheaper only in one case – if the country will extract it at home. However, in this case, Romania simply will not have enough fuel to cover its own needs. Gas will have to be bought and resold.

“Romania can buy either European gas in those countries where it is produced (but production is decreasing everywhere), or American gas, which is a priori more expensive, or Russian gas, but why should we buy through an intermediary – all options are unprofitable,” Poisic said.

The economist believes that the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline can be useful to Moldova only as an alternative source. It will not be able to fully cover the demand of local residents for blue fuel.

In terms of capacity, the Yassy-Chisinau gas pipeline, even when it is fully operational, will be able to cover only a third of Moldova’s gas needs. On the Romanian side, it is necessary to build two compressor stations, the work has not yet begun, the expert noted.