British intelligence: Russia is the biggest “geopolitical threat to European security”

The Russian nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile is capable of staying in the air indefinitely and delivering surprise strikes around the world, the head of British military intelligence, Lieutenant General Jim Hockenhall, said on September 13, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

According to him, “a hypersonic nuclear-powered cruise missile can be deployed globally and can allow a strike from an unexpected direction.” The newspaper notes that thanks to the nuclear engine, the rocket is able to stay in the atmosphere for several years, waiting for a strike.

The head of military intelligence also noted that Russia has invested in the development of the submarine fleet, as well as autonomous deep-sea oceanic facilities equipped with nuclear warheads.

He notes that such devices can pose a threat to coastal areas, aircraft carrier groups and submarine cables.

Hockenhall added that the Russian leadership has chosen a strategy not to build up weapons quantitatively, but to create new types of weapons more quickly.

“They studied the West closely to figure out where it would be best to direct investments in order to cause us as many problems as possible,” the lieutenant general said.

He also stated that Russia is the biggest “geopolitical threat to European security.” Also, the head of military intelligence recalled the factor of China, which is “the greatest risk to the world order.”