Yellow Vests participants throw stones at police

In Paris, participants in the actions of the “yellow vests” threw stones at law enforcement officers; 200 people were detained during the riots. This is reported by the prefecture of police.

Protests are taking place in several districts of the French capital. At one of them, on Wagram Square, it was calm at first, but at some point aggressive participants joined the demonstrators. They threw stones at the policemen, set fire to trash cans, in response, law enforcement officers used tear gas and pushed the hooligans back.

The troublemakers overturned a large urn with glass containers and rolled them down the street. In addition, they set fire to a moped parked nearby. The fire was quickly extinguished by firemen.

Thirty-five people were fined. Another 54 people from among the detainees were sent into custody.

Several actions of “yellow vests” are planned in other cities of France.