US ready to send ambassador to Minsk to promote protests

The United States will not refuse to send its new ambassador to the republic, although it sharply criticizes official Minsk and demands to hold new presidential elections.

As reported by TASS, the candidacy of the new ASP in Minsk, Julie Fisher, is still undergoing the process of approval in the US Senate.

“As for the ambassador, we have an excellent candidate chosen by the president”, – Julie Fisher. Her candidacy is still undergoing the US approval process. We believe that it is very important for the United States to have a representative in Belarus who is capable of setting forth American policy and firmly representing the values ​​and interests that, in our opinion, should be taken into account in our relations with Belarus”, – said at a special telephone briefing for journalists on the situation in Belarus, US First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Beegan.

The diplomat added that with “great enthusiasm” he drew attention to the presence of several partners – ambassadors, standing shoulder to shoulder with “courageous” members of the so-called Coordination Council, such as Svetlana Aleksievich.

“And I look forward to the fact that the US Ambassador will stand shoulder to shoulder with her colleagues in Belarus in defense of the Belarusian people”, – added Bigan.

In fact, the United States does not hide that it intends to send Fischer to Minsk specifically to promote the so-called Maidan scenario.