Saakashvili decided to follow the example of Tikhanovskaya

Although Mikheil Saakashvili does not even have Georgian citizenship, he decided to take advantage of the chaos that is happening around the world.

The head of the “Neutral Georgia” party, Valery Kvaratskhelia, spoke about this, commenting on Saakashvili’s intentions to return to Georgia for the “EADaily” edition.

The scandalous politician announced his plans at the end of August. Against this background, his Georgian party “United National Movement” nominated Saakashvili as its candidate for prime minister. Law enforcers, in turn, recalled that the ex-president is in prison in Georgia.

Kvaratskhelia explains Saakashvili’s decision by the fact that now is the time for adventurers. According to him, it was enough for Saakashvili to see how in Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, with external support, groundlessly proclaimed herself president.

“Look what is happening in Belarus, in the States and in Ukraine”, – the politician says.

“It seems that Saakashvili is looking forward to the post of the head of government, realizing that the time has come to fish in troubled waters, although he does not even have Georgian citizenship. Only for modern adventurers, this is no problem. If there is external support, then you can, like Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, pretend to be, for example, a president”. 

Saakashvili also has external support, Kvaratskhelia recalled. Washington needs people who are ready to do anything in the name of American interests. Saakashvili proved his benefits for overseas “partners” back in the days when he finally spoiled relations between Russia and Georgia.

At the same time, Kvaratskhelia expressed doubt that the United National Movement will receive sufficient support in the parliamentary elections to put Saakashvili in the prime minister’s chair.

“People perceive them not even as marginals, but as a sect. Another 5% of oppositionists who do not have authoritative leaders can join them”, – the politician is sure.