US urges Serbia to refuse Russian gas

Vucic said what was required from him in Washington.

According to EADaily, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who recently returned from the United States, where negotiations were held with the so-called Prime Minister of Kosovo Avdulah Hoti, during which an “agreement on economic normalization” was signed, said that under pressure from Vasnigton, Serbia pledged to diversify gas supplies, but refused to take on the obligation to import fuel from certain sources.

“There was a provision that Serbia was obliged to buy LNG from this and that source. And I said: “People, we will buy the cheapest gas on the market. To oblige our country, which is now richer than it was, but is still not rich enough, to buy gas at a higher price is not even discussed”, – Aleksandr Vucic said on the air of national television.

The Serbian President added that it makes no sense to pay for more expensive gas instead of Russian gas.