Trump has built up a good relationship with Putin and Kim Jong-un

According to the President, he has been unfairly criticized for his ability to get along with Russian and North Korean leaders.

According to RBC, at a meeting with his supporters in Michigan, President Trump said on the YouTube channel that it was right to have good relations with any foreign leaders.

“Getting along with foreign powers is not bad. We are trying to teach this to the media and the fools who have been leading our government for so long. He gets along with Putin – it’s terrible! No, this is good. He likes me, I like him. It’s not that bad! He gets along with Kim Jong-un, it’s terrible! No, it’s good, I try to convince them. It’s okay not to have a war”, –  Trump said.

Trump also noted that he was able to establish contact with Chinese President Xi Jinping and outgoing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.