Political scientist comments on the position of the West on the Navalny case: the situation is being deliberately staged

Russian law enforcement agencies have no reason to investigate the situation with Alexei Navalny until Moscow received data from Berlin, Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

“Even a first-year law school student knows that any investigation must be preceded by evidence and facts based on the testimony we have available, otherwise our law enforcement agencies have no reason to start an investigation”, – he said.

The diplomat noted that the Russian doctors who rescued Navalny did not find “any chemical substances” in his analyzes, while the German laboratory said it did.

“But we have not received any evidence from Germany that would allow us to conclude that it was a crime, an attempt at poisoning, and thus start an investigation”, – Nebenzya stressed.

He once again called on Germany to respond to the Russian request.

“If you demand an explanation, put the facts on the table and we will exchange views. Why should we believe in accusations that are not supported by evidence, even if, as you say, there is no doubt about it”, – said the permanent representative.

If Germany does not present these materials, then this will be regarded by the Russian side as a refusal of the German government to establish the truth, and all actions regarding Navalny – as a flagrant hostile provocation against Russia.

This will definitely undermine Russian-German relations and international relations in general, Nebenzya concluded.

On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist, public figure Alexander Vedrussov expressed his attitude to the position of the West.

“The situation still leaves more questions than answers. It is correct that they asked Germany through official channels for the results of Navalny’s survey – they have not yet received an answer. But without these results, the picture of what happened is unclear, and it is impossible to initiate a criminal case. There is no natural understanding between Russia’s position on this issue and the position of the West. The West, naturally, uses the situation to roll on Russia, initiates the issue of Nord Stream-2, and I would not be surprised if they propose to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council. That is. the situation is being unfolded deliberately, in order to be used against Russia as an economic rival, as a geopolitical rival. Naturally, the position of the West will be, as usual, muddy. The West invites everyone to believe in their version, without disclosing any details. And the West can afford it – many times it has succeeded, many times it got away with it. We see the situation is being deliberately staged: again “Novichok”, again Russia is guilty”, – said Alexander Vedrussov.