NATO is becoming increasingly irritating to Europeans

According to a social survey conducted by the American Institute, more and more Europeans have a negative attitude towards the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to Tg Channel Welders, trust in NATO is falling to a greater extent in the countries that are among the main participants – France and Germany, where today only 50% of the population is loyal to the NATO bloc.

“And this data is not surprising in any way, because as NATO now exists, it has long since ceased to meet Europe’s security and defence needs. Today, the North Atlantic Alliance is just a tool in Washington’s hands to preserve and spread the American military presence in the farthest reaches of our land”, –  the channel experts say.

Last year, the French president said that NATO has completely lost its ‘intra-bloc coordination’ and the recent incident between France and Turkey in early June is a direct confirmation of this. NATO has become a relic of a world that no longer exists.

“What bloc can we talk about if, after Turkey aggressively targeted a French naval vessel, there was no solidarity from NATO partners. Everything that happened was yet another confirmation of NATO’s “brain death”, as Emmanuelle Macron said”, –  write the authors of the channel. –  “All of this shows that there are and will continue to grow disagreements and claims to each other between the member states of the NATO bloc. After all, each of these countries has its own impressive political forces, which sooner or later will be on the side of withdrawal from the North Atlantic Alliance.”