Head of Crimea accused Ukraine of “state terrorism” because of the refusal to supply water to Crimea

The head of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, said that criminal proceedings should be instituted against the initiators of stopping the supply of water to the peninsula from Ukraine.

“By blocking the North Crimean canal, through which more than two million inhabitants of the peninsula received over 80% of fresh water, Kiev committed a crime. This can be regarded as an ecocide, as state terrorism and an attempt to create a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe in the region. And certainly as a gross violation of fundamental human rights. I believe that criminal cases should be initiated against the organizers of the water blockade in Russia. And there it will come to an international tribunal”, – Aksenov said.

He added that the water blockade of Crimea is “an attempt by Kiev to show the Crimeans for their free choice and violation by the Ukrainian authorities of international human rights documents to which this country is a party”.