Expert says Belarusian Guaido is made from Tikhanovskaya

The Russian senator commented on the decision of the Lithuanian authorities to recognize Svetlana Tikhanovskaya as the elected head of Belarus.

The United States imposed new sanctions on seven Russian officials linked to President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle to punish the Kremlin. In picture: Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Aleksey Pushkov. December 22, 2011.

On his Twitter page, Aleksey Pushkov drew attention to the similarity of Lithuania’s actions in the case of Belarus with a similar case in Venezuela.

“Having recognized Tikhanovskaya as the elected head of Belarus, Lithuania launched the Belarusian “Operation Guaido”, although this operation was not successful in Venezuela. It seems that in the battle for Belarus, Lithuania took on the role of the “spearhead” despite the fact that completely different forces are holding its shaft in their hands”, – Pushkov wrote.