Everyone will come to their senses. Lavrov evaluated the position of Germany on Navalny

On Friday, he held a press conference following talks with his Chinese counterpart.

“I hope that these absurd actions will be stopped and Germany, well, at least for the sake of the reputation of German punctuality, will fulfill its obligations under the agreement with the Russian Federation”, – the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Lavrov also explained that Russia is interested in obtaining information on the situation with the blogger through the OPCW.

“We got acquainted with this letter (from FRG in the OPCW on Navalny – ed.), it only stated that, according to the conviction of German experts, there was a poisoning and that the so-called “Novichok” was used. Thewe were no other communications between Berlin and the OPCW, because we, of course, are interested, if not directly, then at least through the OPCW, to receive the data that the German side so carefully conceals”, – he added.

Moreover, the minister drew attention to the fact that all those who accompanied Navalny were beginning to move to Germany. This leads to certain thoughts, Lavrov stressed.

On September 2, the German Cabinet of Ministers said that specialists from the Bundeswehr laboratory had established that Navalny, who was being treated in Berlin, had allegedly been “poisoned” by the substance of the Novichok group of toxic warfare agents. The Russian Foreign Ministry, commenting on the statement of the German Cabinet, noted that the Russian side expects a response from Germany to the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on the situation around Navalny.

On August 20, it became known that the plane on which Navalny was flying from Tomsk to Moscow urgently landed in Omsk due to the fact that he became ill during the flight. He was taken to the emergency hospital №1, the regional Ministry of Health confirmed that the patient is in intensive care.

The main working diagnosis made by Russian doctors to Navalny is a violation of carbohydrate balance and metabolism. On Friday, August 21, doctors allowed Navalny’s transfer to Germany for treatment.

On September 7, doctors from Charite reported that Navalny’s condition improved and he was brought out of a coma.