Dodon asked Sandu to stop being a fabulous princess

The President of Moldova urged his rivals in the presidential elections to “come down from heaven to earth”, to give up political populism and “statements for the sake of statements”.

According to EADaily, Igor Dodon addressed his address to the leader of the Action and Solidarity Party, Maya Sand, who recently said that “if she wins the election, she would rather resign than appoint Dodon as Prime Minister”.

“I have seen such vows before. She already swore on the Bible, although I don’t know if she acknowledges the Bible that she will not join the coalition with either Dodon or the Democrats. И? Maya Grigorievna, what have you done? Last year I signed two coalition agreements with Dodon and the socialists. They are very principled! Stop acting like “Elena the Beautiful”, leave these fairy tales behind,” said Dodon.

According to experts, Igor Dodon is already at this stage convinced that he will defeat Maya Sandu in the second round with a difference of 100-120 thousand votes. In his forecast, he refers to public opinion polls.