Democrats asked a Russian for money for Biden’s campaign

The election headquarters of the US presidential candidate Joe Biden offered the Russian journalist financial support for the 77-year-old democrat.

The incident occurred with an employee of RIA Novosti, who registered on Biden’s official website in order to track related events. Representatives of the US Democratic Party soon contacted the journalist. They sent a letter offering to donate from a few hundred to a thousand dollars to support their presidential candidate.

Such a trick could be considered an attempt to provoke foreign interference. It is noteworthy that it was the Democrats who accused Russia of allegedly influencing the 2016 vote.

As it turned out later, Biden’s site has the function of collecting information about registered, after which they are automatically sent spam with an offer to donate money.

As News Front previously reported, the expert community has repeatedly said that the 2020 elections will be the most controversial in US history. Both candidates are mired in scandals, and parties regularly exchange accusations and denigrate opponents.

Moreover, taking advantage of the spread of the coronavirus, the US Democratic Party is promoting the idea of ​​holding presidential elections by mail. This method of voting provides them with an incredible resource to rig the results in favor of their highly controversial candidate, Joe Biden.

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that during the 2008 elections, 3.9 million remote voters were denied a legitimate opportunity to make a choice – they were simply not sent ballots. Another 2.9 million ballots sent out simply disappeared without being returned to election officials. Finally, another 800,000 ballots were not accepted for various reasons.