American exclusivity is faltering

Americans firmly believe in their uniqueness. “The United States is an exceptional power, leading all other countries”,  wrote Hillary Clinton before losing the presidential election. The English have always laughed at this arrogance.

For example, recently, American Film Academy has published new criteria for the Oscar in the main nominations. The criteria are as follows: one of the main roles should be played by a representative of an ethnic minority. A third of non-lead actors should be from any minority (eg gender), disabled or women. The plot should also focus on all of the above. And the composition of the film crew should also have an appropriate variety.

And these are exactly the same criteria that the organizers of the British Academy Award in the field of video games introduced just two months ago. That is, exceptional Americans took and copied all this game from their conservative overseas progenitors.

And this despite the fact that in the United States the problems that film academics are trying to solve with new rules are not virtual, as in Great Britain. They are real. Yes, that’s just a week ago, one of the dark-skinned actors who played in the next incarnation of “Star Wars” accused Disney of relegating his character to the background. Although initially he was on the first. And this, as you know, is outrageous racism.

“I told the studio that bringing in black characters, promoting them as the most important, and then relegating them to the background is not good”, – the actor complained. And the observers furrowed their brows.

And another film by the same company is now under threat of boycott. Because the performer of the role of the Chinese princess Mulan inadvertently spoke out against the protests in Hong Kong. But all these dangerous episodes directly affect the business of the largest American filmmakers. And they simply have no other choice but to hint to the film academics themselves about the introduction of clear criteria.

However, a number of unresolved issues remain. For example, what to do if one of the performers of non-main roles declares himself to be a representative of a minority, and after the award of the prize suddenly turns out that he is not a minority. What then to do with it? Subject to comradely trial of the Hollywood workshop? And most importantly – that you will have to do something with the Oscar? Deprive as athletes convicted of doping? And hand over to the next in line?

However, the new rules will take effect only from 2024.

And by that time, or the issues will be resolved.

Or the padishah will leave us.

Maxim Kononenko