Ambassador of Ukraine threatened Belarus with “diplomatic war”

The Belarusian border service circulated a record of the September 5 incident at the border, which Ukrainian Ambassador Igor Kizim spoke about on Thursday – when the diplomat entered Belarus, the border guards asked him to open the trunk, although, according to the ambassador, this is contrary to the Vienna Convention.

On Friday, the Border Service released a video of the incident – it took place on the afternoon of September 5 at the Novaya Guta checkpoint.

On the record, Kizim warns that, in accordance with the Vienna Convention, the inspection of the personal transport of diplomats is only possible with good reason. To the ambassador’s question whether the border guard has such grounds, he replies “so exactly”, but stipulates that “we don’t want to examine all your luggage,” but only asks to open the trunk.

The ambassador warns in response that “many people will call you” and that he will write a note of protest.

“You are thus making a very bad step… When your ambassador comes here, it will be completely different on our border. We are starting a diplomatic war”, – the ambassador warned and opened the trunk, which contained only bags.
The border guards did not examine them.